ExMetrix forecasts

See forecasts that refer to important economic and market processes that are often analysed. Conduct real situation analysis. Perform what-if analyses.

The user can create predictive models that refer to various aspects of our world. Moreover, our analysts use the ExMetrix platform. We present some of our models. You may compare them with your own models with regard to quality of obtained forecasts.

For beginners ExMetrix offers ready-made mathematics modules of predictive models. An advanced user can suggest own modules by means of functions available.

Apart from mathematics, statistics and operational researches performing analyses and forecasting by means of the platform are both reinforced by econometrics. Econometrics research is carried out on the basis of economic theory or hypothesis that are related to processes and phenomena that are the subject matter of the research. We specify an appropriate model and we select its mathematical form. For that purpose we search for empirical confirmation or hypothesis. In a situation when there is a lack of theoretical bases or a clear hypothesis that applies to a forecasting phenomenon, we employ automatic specification. Therefore, we use ExMetrix available selection tools and databases.

In this way ExMetrix makes possible modelling of almost every process or phenomenon.