ExMetrix -we provide with the platform that is used to a broadly-understood data exploration. The integration between huge databases and complex database tools enable easy and fast transfer from huge amount of individual data to synthetic knowledge contained in this data. After having been given access to the platform, the user can conduct own research and analysis and create own prediction models.

ExMetrix – we analyse data on request of the user. The user can provide own data or integration among the user’s and our data is also possible. We create and optimise various economic, demographic and market phenomena models of prediction nature.

ExMetrix – we offer access to our models that forecast major markets and economic indicators.

Information is one of the most valuable commodities in the world. It is used in order to understand the world what is a challenge for dynamically developing IT technologies.

The access to Big Data is becoming more and more easy and bases themselves through the development of data storage devices contain a lot of information that apply to most of aspects of the world. Moreover, Big Data becomes increasingly relevant when its analysis provides with specific knowledge expressed in numbers and when it supports decision-making.

We use the Data Mining technology that bases on growing high-performance computing. Data Mining tools explore bases gathered in large databases that are constituted by millions of time series.

Data Mining is the only one method to extract the knowledge from a data warehouse. Life is too short to analyse all databases that are now available but it is worth remembering that the amount of the data describing our world increases in a blistering speed. According to new research by IDC Digital Universe called “Extracting Value from Chaos” the amount of data doubles every two years.

Through received knowledge we have better understanding of current issues that are the subject of our analysis and processes related. This knowledge supports decision-making connected with an analysed area.

The process of transferring “from data to knowledge” runs according to following schema:

1. Defining query of analysis – determination of a dependent variable that represents analysed issue.

2. Selection of a set of independent variables associated with the dependent variable set. The selection runs in a process of automatic database searches. The user can optionally input data based on own expert knowledge.
The whole process is aimed at receiving variable set used in the process of building and exploring the mathematical model and correlations among dependent variable and independent variables.
The search of variables runs according to the level of linear relationships and a spectral similarity (harmonically).

3. Inner capacity optimisation of a found database – it contributes to reducing the model and to a quality improvement of optimised parameters.

4. Performance of statistical and spectral report that refers to selected variable set.

5. Modification of data what aims at a form that is suitable for the creation of the model.

6. Defining final independent variable set. The model can be created on the basis of variables found through the selection by ExMetrix and additional variables specified by the user. The final independent variable set is accepted by the user.

7. Building and exploring the mathematical model that contains synthetic knowledge.