Bulgaria’s crime problem – 25 percent of the population reported about alarming situations in their local area April 12, 2018 – Posted in: lifestyle, posts

Bulgaria struggles with crime. The number of people who confirmed law violations in their neighbourhood totaled 25 percent of the country’s population. The situation in Serbia is also disturbing as 18.2 percent of the community informed about crime in their local area.

Eurostat publishes the indicator showing the share of the population who reported that they face the problem of crime, violence or vandalism in their local area. That means the situation where the respondent feels crime, violence or vandalism in the area to be a problem for the household, although this perception is not necessarily based on personal experience (Source: Eurostat).

This article presents the situation of EU members and other European countries. The data is not unified as some crimes were not reported, the police implement new strategies, or law systems and jurisdictions differ from one another in questions like the definition of a crime.

According to European Statistical Office, the most worrying situation is in Bulgaria where 25 percent of the society notified about acts of violence and vandalism in their local area. It’s 12 percentage points more than the EU average.

Serbians also feel insecure. In the country, 18.2 percent of the population claimed that they encountered crime in their neighbourhood.

Unsettling high crime rates also relate to highly developed countries. In the Netherlands as well as Great Britain approximately 17 percent feel anxious about their safety. These days media is reporting about the crime increase in London. Like never before the town surpassed New York statistics concerning murder rates. The main reason for this might be budget cuts in British police and decreased number of police officers watching the city. According to media, London lacks 20 000 officers!

On the other side, there are countries in which crime rates are really low. In Poland, only 5.6 percent of the population reported acts of violence and vandalism in their area. The indicator was even lower in nations like Macedonia (4.8 percent), Lithuania (3.4 percent), and Croatia (3 percent) as well.

Sara Swierczek

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