Germany dominates in the European automotive industry and the highest number of old cars at the age of 10 to 20 years is in Italy August 14, 2018 – Posted in: lifestyle, posts

There are almost 300 million passenger cars in Europe (2016 status: 271 million 896 thousand). The highest number of nearly 46 million is in Germany. It’s not surprising as Germany is the first producer of vehicles in Europe and the third in the world after Japan and China.

According to Eurostat, as many as 6 mln new cars being 2 years or less travel on German roads. Concerning cars ranged from 2 to 5 years, the number is 8 million 220 thousand, and in the case of the 5 to 10 age range – the number is 13 million 297 thousand.

In Italy, the number of cars is similar to the automobile statistics in Germany. However, in Italy, there is the highest number of old cars being over 10 years which is 20 million 248 thousand.

The interactive maps below present the detailed data for the remaining countries of Europe.

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