In Malawi tonne of pepper costs 700 USD, and in Vietnam, the price is ten times higher. Whereas in Poland the price amounts to 22 000 PLN on the basis of a USD/PLN exchange rate at 3,5. September 18, 2017 – Posted in: lifestyle, posts

The Ancient Romans appreciated advantages of pepper. Rumour has it that bread with peppered honey was a favourite snack of Emperor Nero of Rome. Alexander the Great brought pepper from Persia and India. In medieval England, pepper served as payment for rent, ransom, and fine. It was also a part of a dowry. Therefore it symbolised well-being.

The world has changed, and pepper has entered our homes for good.

In Malawi pepper is the cheapest (around 700 per tonne). Within three years the price fell by about 400 USD per tone there.

Asia is the leading country in producing pepper. In Vietnam, the price of pepper amounts to about 8 000 USD per tonne, and it is ten times higher than in Malawi.

In Polish shops, pepper pack of 20 g costs 1,5 PLN. The tonne of packed pepper costs 75 000 PLN. In comparison to global prices of pepper, it is thirty times higher there.

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