Tenfold growth of renewable energy production in Poland since 2000 November 19, 2016 – Posted in: analyses, posts

energia_elektr_9With nominal GDP of 548 billion dollars, Poland produces 302 million tons of CO2 (2014). France emits 333 tons of CO2 with nominal GDP of 2834 billion dollars (over five times higher than Polish GDP). Why do we emit over 90% of this what France does? There is no doubt that the structure of energy sources bears responsibility for this. In Poland coal is the main source of electric energy and in France it is uranium. The more detailed comparison is contained in the presentation above. Are there any signs of change in Poland? Indeed. The share of renewables grows together with hydro-energy which exceeded 12%. In France, it is over 16%, in Germany – 26%. However, the share of renewables is difficult to link directly to the general level of development, as for example in America it is less than 7%. However, all of these countries mentioned so far have one thing in common: the share of renewable energy grows there.

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