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Holidays are in bloom. We travel to the mountains or the sea in a home country. Also, we willingly travel abroad. Attractive all-inclusive offers, swimming pool, Mai Tai… and food poisoning. We investigated the last issue considering popular holiday destinations throughout the EU. The data come from Eurostat that provides information on daily hospital discharges by diagnosis regarding food poisoning of presumed infectious origin (diarrhoea and gastroenteritis) per 100 000 inhabitants.

It seems that Spain is fine. In 2015, there were 0.2 registered food poisonings among women per 100 000 inhabitants. Regarding men, it was 0.3 per 100 000.

There is also a low probability of catching food poisoning in Italy. In a group of women, 0.3 of cases were found among women per 100 000 inhabitants. The situation was entirely the same within a group of men.

Portugal does not pose a risk as well. Only 0.8 of women and men per 100 000 inhabitants reported some discomfort.

In France, the situation is a bit worrying. There were 17.6 cases of food poisoning among women and 16.5 regarding men per 100 000.

Cyprus seems to be also alarming too as 17 cases of food poisoning among women and 19.4 among men were registered per 100 000 inhabitants.

Among the above-mentioned countries, the highest probability of catching food poisoning is in Croatia. In 2015, 284.3 cases were noted among women and 276.9 among men per 100 000 inhabitants.

Sara Swierczek

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