Women strike back. Latvia has the highest number of women per 100 men in the whole Europe March 9, 2018 – Posted in: lifestyle, posts

In Europe, the highest “deficit” of men occurs in Latvia as the country has 118 women per 100 men.

Eurostat releases the ratio of the number of women compared to the number of men, multiplied by 100. It turns out that the rate is the highest in Latvia – there are 118 females per 100 males. The coefficient is almost the same in Lithuania – it is 117. In Ukraine, it is 116.

Russia is right behind the podium at the 4th place where the ratio reached the level of 115,8 ladies per 100 men. The coefficient is slightly lower in Belarus – it is 114,9 women.

On the other side, the ratio ranged from 99,7 and 99,4 females respectively per 100 men in Luxembourg and Malta.

Sara Świerczek

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