The content of databases

Browse databases. Find quickly interesting variables. Generate own data groups for analysis. Organise, gather and present data according to individual needs. Add own data and integrate private databases with economic and market data coming from all over the world.

The ExMetrix platform enables effective search of interesting information in all available databases that amount to over 30 million of time series. In our data warehouses are available time series of the world that contain data from many fields, such as:

1. Macroeconomic data:


  • consumer price indexes
  • producer price indexes
  • inflation of HICP


  • building and assembly
  • industrial
  • agricultural
  • production capacity

Consumer confidence indexes

Unemployment criteria:

  • gender
  • age
  • education
  • business branch
  • services
  • trade

Current account balance

Balance of trade

  • export
  • import

Fiscal and monetary policy:

  • money supply
  • interest rates
  • taxes

Retail sales


Consumer services:

Tangible services

  • trade and repairs
  • hotels and restaurants
  • passenger transport system and communication
  • personal services
  • municipal services

Intangible services:

  • education
  • health protection and social security protection
  • recreational, cultural and sporting activities

Producer and business services:

  • transport, storage and communication
  • financial intermediation
  • real estate services
  • renting of machinery and equipment
  • IT and related activities
  • scientific research and development
  • other business activities

Collective services:

  • public administration and defence
  • activities of membership organisations
  • national organizations and groups

2. Quotations

  • Polish stocks
  • global stock exchanges
  • world stock indexes


Several dozens of currency pairs

Raw materials

  • base metals
  • noble metals
  • crude oil – quotations, provisions


  • Polish treasury bills and treasury bonds
  • Foreign treasury bills and treasury bonds

3. Results of Polish companies registered on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

  • financial statement data

4. Demographic data


  • according to gender and age at the specific levels
  • number of uneducated


  • value of population
  • population distribution by age

Environment and climate

  • PM2,5 and PM10 air pollution
  • benzo(a)pyrene contamination
  • forest area
  • resources of drinking water
  • annual precipitation

Information society

  • the number of mobile phone users per 100 inhabitants
  • the number of internet users
  • the number of households with computers

It is certainly an extract of our databases. The user can integrate own bases with our data warehouses and therefore analyse whole content jointly. The database search can be performed according to different parameters, among others: source, name, available quotations and category.