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Build Predictive & Correlation Models, Forecasts

  • - Take advantage of 70 mln real time data streams ready

  • - Use your own pools of structured and unstructured data

  • - Ready data models & unlimited possibility of creating your own models


See our ready made free forecasts:

DAX, EUR/USD, GDP, Air Quality, Prices of Gold, Copper,

US Unemployment rate and more.

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The forecast for air pollution in Cracow

Forecasts relating to the main components of smog - PM2,5, PM10 and benzene. Forecasts are generated by mathematical models including weather data and results from measurements of air pollutants.
Forecast models were devised using AI methods - neural networks.

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Explore databases. Find quickly a desired variable. Create analytic sets of data. You can sort, gather and present databases according to personal preferences. Import own data and integrate it with economic and market data coming from all over the world.

  • Over 70 mln of data series and more
  • Import own data series
  • Create data groups for analysis

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of interdependencies

Detect correlations among data. Identify whether desired values are correlated with other values; you can determine strength and character of these correlations. Create analytic sets of data.

  • Unique selection tools
  • Correlation and no-linear correlation
  • Frequency and periodicity (FFT)

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Forecast significant economic, market and demographic phenomena and processes. Predict parameters of your business – demand and supply.

  • Unique optimization algorithms
  • Simulated annealing
  • Neural networks

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See forecasts that refer to important economic and market processes that are often analysed. Conduct real situation analysis. Perform what-if analyses.

  • Ready to use ExMetrix prediction models
  • What-if analyses and projected scenarios
  • Key market and economic processes

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ExMetrix - we provide with the platform that is used to a broadly-understood data exploration. The integration between huge databases and complex database tools enable easy and fast transfer from huge amount of individual data to synthetic knowledge contained in this data. After having been given access to the platform, the user can conduct own research and analysis and create own prediction models.

ExMetrix - we analyse data on request of the user. The user can provide own data or integration among the user’s and our data is also possible. We create and optimise various economic, demographic and market phenomena models of prediction nature.

ExMetrix - we offer access to our models that forecast major markets and economic indicators.

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The content of databases

Explore databases. Find quickly a variable that you are interested in. Create your own data groups for analysis. You can sort, group and view databases according to personal preferences. Add own data and integrate it with economic and market data coming from all over the world.

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Analysis of interdependencies

Discover relations among data. Explore whether values you are interested in are connected with other values; determine their strength and a character of these connections. Create databases related to each other.

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Create forecasts of economic, market, demographic phenomena and processes you are interested in. Forecast parameters of your business – the demand and supply. Choose appropriate prediction forecast and create models of divisive complexity levels. Analyse trend scenarios that apply to phenomena you search for.

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ExMetrix forecasts

See forecasts that refer to key and often analysed market and economic processes. Examine projected scenarios of a given situation. Perform what-if analyses.

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